Colonization Of Latin America

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Sample Essay on History of Latin America When giving the history of Latin American, “Latin America” is usually the one of the main concepts in the basic themes of its historical background. This concept raises a lot of question as to whether it is adequate for a continent that is holds both non-Spanish and non-Portuguese natives. What makes Latin America a concept in the history of Latin American are the occurrences that took place after the wars of independence. With the political independence in Portugal and in Spain, many indigenous groups moved to Latin America as there were a lot of resources for the big numbers. However, this big number later posed as a risk to the natural resources and thus there was pressure on the distribution of the resources which is the case even today. Internal tension was created due to land grabbing by the indigenous groups that arrived later. During the wars of independence, Latin America received very minimal material support from any countries. The outcome of the war was dependent on the place of action as some places were mostly affected than others. There has always been a debate about what wars of independence signified and what where the outcomes or impacts. There were several visible outcomes of the wars such as the changes in the patterns of mobility, and this included both physical and social. Those who supported the wrong side or found themselves in agreement with the wrong side would have their properties grabbed and even destroyed. When the locals were asked what the outcome of the wars of independence was, all they could identify was the renaming of the nation-states. With the common historical background, one would wonder why there was nation-state fragmentation in the United States. Latin America did not give any indication of an integrated continent. Another outcome of the wars of independence was the opening of new
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