Guarding The Golden Door

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Name: Quy Pham Class: History 1302 Teacher: John Ryan Due Date: June 20th, 2011 Book Report of “Guarding the Golden Door” In “Guarding the Golden Door”, Roger Daniels attempts to trace the history of immigration in the United States from 1882 to the present day. Daniels is a writer and he is also a historian. In this book, with his brilliant writings and knowledge, he pointed out many interesting information about the immigration and immigrants from many countries around the world to the America. From the book, we can have some precise arguments about the immigrations: Because of religion, race or ethnicity these groups are too different, and therefore cannot be adapted into American culture. Immigrant groups, because of innate inferiority or prior cultural disposition, are not capable of self-government and are therefore a danger to our political institutions. A flow of immigrants will result in loss of jobs for Native Americans, and will bring about a lower standard of living as well as in many other situations. In the beginning of the book, Daniels stated the Congress created Chinese Exclusion Act that was signed into law by Chester A. Arthur on May 8, 1882, following revisions made in 1880 to the Burlingame Treaty of 1868. Those revisions allowed the U.S. to suspend immigration, and Congress subsequently acted quickly to implement the suspension of Chinese immigration, a ban that was intended to last 10 years. Because Chinese immigrants came to America in large numbers during the 1848 California Gold Rush and in the 1860s when the Central Pacific Railroad recruited large labor groups to build its portion of the transcontinental railroad. In the past, the immigration to America was not a major factor in the American life. But then, they realized that the immigrations can cause and changed the life of Americans and they started to pay attention about
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