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UV0787 GREEN OX Overview In the fall of 2003, the new products division of Palmer Jackson, Inc., a Cincinnati-based food and beverage manufacturer, successfully perfected a technique for dissolving common antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Selenium into high-glucose beverages. The result was a new line of sports beverages with the added benefit of antioxidants. While the medical community was far from unanimous in their opinion of the benefits of antioxidants, some reputable studies linked the use of these vitamins and minerals to a reduced risk of certain types of cancers. Natural food stores, health food stores, drug stores, and even conventional grocery retailers often carried antioxidant pills. Palmer Jackson hired AccuityBrand, a brand consultancy specializing in developing product names and logos, to name and develop creative packaging for this new product. AccuityBrand recommended the name Green Ox for the new beverage, and after a short discussion with management that name was adopted. Now Palmer Jackson needed to make several important decisions about the introduction of Green Ox. Palmer Jackson hired Marketing Studies Incorporated, a well-respected marketing research firm, to work on this product and to provide some basic competitive intelligence. Management believed that the main competitors for Green Ox were other established sports drinks and some vegetable juices, most notably V7. There also appeared to be some surprisingly strong interest among those who currently purchase antioxidants in pill form. Research conducted by Marketing Studies, Inc., indicated that up to 10% of the people who purchased antioxidants in pill form would be interested in obtaining these vitamins and minerals from a beverage rather than from a pill.1 1 Because the vegetables that make up V7 contain a significant amount of Vitamins A and C, V7 is

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