Aspartame Bitter Truth

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22 November 2010 Research Paper The Bitter Truth of Aspartame In 1965 G.D. Searle and Company, a corporation based on life sciences, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and animal health accidentally manufactured a chemical called Aspartame. It was discovered by chemist and Searle employee, James M. Schlatter while doing work on producing an anti-ulcer drug. During testing, he got some on his finger and realized it was sweet, and thus began the idea of the toxic sugar substitute. The chemical was not brought to the attention of the Food and Drug Administration until 1977, where it was denied and labeled unfit for human consumption for a variety of reasons, one of the most important being inconclusive experimental data.…show more content…
H. J. Roberts in 2001, suggests that aspartame has a huge hand in the current obesity epidemic as well. Apparently, the drug itself makes you crave carbohydrates, and the formaldehyde within the drug accumulates in the fat cells of your body. Formaldehyde blocks your fat cells from being attacked by the t-cells, a natural reaction which occurs during cardio activity. Thus, instead of your body breaking down the complex sugars gained from carbohydrates and using them as energy, the sugar stays stored in your fat cells and becomes hard inert…show more content…
It is an ingredient of approximately 6,000 consumer foods and beverages sold worldwide such as gum and other sugar substitutes like Sweet'N Low and Equal. Previously mentioned research done by Robert Cohen is significant because the artificial sweetener is frequently used in beverages such as coffee and tea which are regularly drank with milk, thus increasing the health risk of phenylalanine absorption into the blood stream. With that being said, the FDA still denies that any part of aspartame is absorbed into the blood. It is no secret that the dangers of aspartame in the human body are numerous. However, is it also no secret that corporate America and the appeal of wealth is the driving force to many decisions. When Monsanto, a multi-trillion dollar conglomerate that specializes in biotechnology through the production and wholesale of seeds and chemicals, bought Searle and the rights to aspartame for $2.7 billion in 1985, Rumsfeld reportedly received a $12 million bonus as CEO of G.D. Searle and Company. Researchers have been quoted speaking out against the verdict. While the "research" performed by the aspartame industry after approval is abysmal, the preapproval "research" was much worse. Despite this fact, FDA officials essentially "sold out" to the manufacturer and approved the junk. (Gold)

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