Great Expectations Essay

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Great Expectations Literary Analysis Love, it is a simple word with a thousand meanings. The redemptive power of selfless love and friendship arises throughout all great novels. It is a theme that proves that if someone is selfless and loving that they can make up for many bad deeds someone might have done to a person. Some say that some things are just unforgivable but in reality nothing should ever be undoable. In the novel Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens, the theme of the redemptive power of selfless love is conveyed continuously throughout the book through several characters. The main character, Pip, conveys this message throughout most of the book with his words. He says, “Estella seemed more delicately beautiful than she had ever yet, even in my eyes.” (Dickens, 266) Pip says this after seeing Estella for the first time in a while. At this point she had been very unkindly towards him and he still loved her and was infatuated with her. Pip said, “I took it upon myself to impress Biddy.” (Dickens, 144) Pip should not necessarily have any commitments to Biddy since she is very harsh to him but he still feels grateful that she is helping him with his studies. He also has a little bit of a crush on her but he just does not know it because Estella is overshadowing it. At the end of the day Pip’s true colors come out and he reveals that he is to be relied on and a good person. Pip’s father figure in his life is Joe who is also married to Pip’s sister; Joe conveys the theme throughout the book with his words and his actions. “A mild, good natured, sweet tempered, easy going, foolish, dear fellow,” (Dickens, 6) This is said by Pip in the beginning of the book and the rest of the book goes on to prove it. By Pip saying this it shows that generally most people like Joe and enjoy his company. “Lies are lies Pip, don’t you tell no more of them. That ain’t the

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