Most Important Things In A Christmas Carol

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DICKENS SHOWS THE READERS THAT THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE CANNOT BE MEASURED. DISCUSS Charles Dickens’ novella “A Christmas Carol” portrays the precipice humanity faces when overcome with greed and material wealth. A Christmas Carol has the purpose of educating society on how they need to change unless they want to be met with a bleak future.  Dickens represents these changes through the transformation of Ebenezer Scrooge, who embodies what most upper class people of society valued in the 1800s. Through this, Dickens is able to show readers that the things we should value most in life are priceless, and are the key to ultimately finding happiness.  Dickens uses Old Fezziwig to guide Scrooge into recognising how treating his…show more content…
 Dickens uses Bob’s eldest daughter Martha, to represent child labour, “we had a deal of work to clear away...”, and Tiny Tim to represent the lack of help those who are sick & poor receive. (Why does he use these characters? Why represent them?) Despite this, the Cratchit family’s goodness shines through, and are “happy, grateful, pleased with one another, and contented with the time”. Bob Cratchit represented the opposite of Scrooge’s morals, and embodies the invaluable qualities that Dickens admired – strength, humbleness, hope & perseverance.  Bob is grateful for what little he has which he relies on Scrooge “the founder of the feast,” and once again proves to Scrooge that the lives of others lies in Scrooge’s hands; a universal message that Dickens wanted society to acknowledge –that those with power can so drastically impact on the lives of others. ( good point – how does this relate to the essay topic?) Whenever family is described, there is a tone of warmth and affection. (Example?) The Cratchit family symbolises the love and happiness only family can bring, and how this love will always surround you. Despite not being a “handsome” family, through all of their hardships they get through everything together including…show more content…
Scrooge’s clerk, Bob Cratchit, was paid “fifteen... a week” for his services which was just barely enough for his family of 6 to get by. Bob Cratchit’s wife felt bitter towards Scrooge as he was an “odious, stingy... unfeeling” man took Bob for granted.  However, as much as the Cratchit’s despised Scrooge, they were grateful for the food that was put on their table each evening thanks to Scrooge. Without Scrooge, the Cratchit family would not survive, and although underpaid and overworked, Bob remained humble and kind towards Scrooge. It is this small amount of money the family depends on, which allows them to be happy and content in their lives, even if they “were not well dressed” and their “clothes were scanty”. Dickens proves a valuable lesson through the Cratchit family and Scrooge’s wealth. He is able to show that money can ensure that you survive, but is not the most important aspect in one’s life. It is the qualities of kindness, joy & being charitable that make life complete. Good rebuttal point Charles Dickens’ novella “A Christmas Carol” presents to readers how the most important things in life are priceless. Scrooge represented what most upper class society in the 1800s valued most; wealth. Dickens uses smaller characters in contrast to Scrooge, to show what the upper class society should

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