Goodness Of God Essay

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Goodness of God Theology 1 1-13-12 In this paper, I will cover 5 attributes of The Goodness of God. These be divided into 2 separate categories. God Himself is Holy, True, and Love. The other category has the other 2 attributes; He is Righteous and He is Faithful 1. God is Holy- A. Definitions- “God is absolutely separate from all that is created and all that is morally impure” B. Relationship of these ideas- The primary meaning of Holy is “separate”. The word Holy comes from the ancient word that meant “to cut” or “to separate”. The most accurate depiction of the word yet perhaps is a phrase such as “a cut above something”. This means that God is uniquely Holy, and has no rivals or competition. Usually when you use the word “Holy” in describing God, you are using it in addition to another attribute of Him. But in reality, God’s Holiness is a synonym for His deity. This brings attention to how God’s love is Holy, His justice is Holy, His mercy is Holy. All in all, every attribute about God falls under this main synonym for His entire being: Holy. Now, since God is set apart from anything else in the entire universe because of His Holiness, He also wants us as Christians to be set apart from all the other worshippers in the universe. C. Biblical text- Psalms 99:1-3, Psalms 99:4-9, Exodus 15:11 2. God is true- A. Definitions- I. God is genuine- god conforms to revelation. II. God is truthful- God’s statements conform to reality. B. Relationship of these ideas- “Absolute truth is an essential aspect of God’s nature, and He is the fountainhead and ultimate source of truth. He will never deviate from His truth. Every word, every revelation that God has given to mankind is true, reliable, and will endure forever. God demonstrates this fact by keeping promises He has made and fulfilling prophecies of future events He
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