Gold Rush Assignment

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Gold Rush Assignment Gold is one of the world’s most valuable items, it has been around since ancient times it has been used in varies ways such as a form of currency and also is used as jewellery. In the Australian gold rush people must pay for a license in order to dig for gold. The gold rush in Victoria laid seeds for the later development of Australia’s multicultural society. In this essay the three topics I’ll be talking about is mateship, how the population grew and immigration. James Esmond made Victoria’s first official discovery of gold in June 1851. Population rise, the population of Melbourne grew quickly as there were more and more discoveries of gold. The total number of people in Victoria also rose. By 1851 there were 75,000 people, by the end of 1852, 90,000 people and ten years later there was over 500,000 people. In the early years of the gold rush, NSW and Victoria were the gold attracting places in Australia and attracted a lot of diggers. A lot of people came for gold for many different reasons such as, to make money and have a new life in Australia others came to find gold and return back to there countries and use the money from the gold for their farms and families. Most migrants came from the United Kingdom, less than 15,000 migrants came from European countries. The people that migrated to Australia didn’t all get along, they were all searching for the same thing and digging for gold some of them fought each other for being in the same area that they were digging in and others stole from each other for the gold. There were thousands of people digging for gold so it was very crowded and people were angry and frustrated and annoyed, some people ended up rich and others didn’t find anything. In conclusion the Australian gold rush made a major and lasting impact on Australian society even until now, we now have a multicultural
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