Go Sound The Trumpet Analysis

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Ciera Johnson Reaction Paper AFA 3104 “Go Sound the Trumpet” Reading the Article Go Sound the Trumpet by Larry Rivers has put into perspective that basically ‘you reap what you sew’. Slave masters had tried to control the slaves every being but could not control their soul. Religion is an outlet to freedom for some. Slaves in this time were using their religious freedom to plan a way out, plan for an escape to a better life. Slave masters were under the impression that slaves were having church so when caught, of course slaves had to ‘pay the price’. Slaves were punished physically and sometimes even murdered for this small act. “The master might claim the body of his property but could never quite claim their soul” (L.Rivers) Slavery was controlled in many different ways so no one could actually subdue this epidemic. However, the article shows how master to slave relationships were in Florida. Slaves were simply to obey their masters and do whatever what asked of them. Slaves who displayed a lack of obedience became known as “a troublesome property”. Religion…show more content…
Religion was what helped the slaves stay sane through these times in the 19th century. Slaves began to overcome ignorance in another way however, they begin holding meetings. These meetings were no ordinary meetings though. The slaves were planning their escape. In the midst, slaves used religion to call for low labor productivity, escape attempts, and refusal to obey masters. If I was alive in Florida during the 19th century I would have participated in these acts of rebellion. No one deserves to be treated unfairly and ‘what you allow is what will continue.’ So unless they stepped up and planned for escape and worked less the freedom we have today probably wouldn’t be the same. Slave families were the next big thing in work efforts and efficiency of labor. Masters thought that being married and having a family would produce better work from
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