Gm Foods Debate

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GMEnglish Research Essay Genetically Modified foods What are GM foods? And what effect do they have on us mammals and our environment? With our world population being estimated to double 6 billion in the next 50 years scientists want to ensure that there is an ample food supply for the world. GM foods are seen to meet this need. Genetically Modified food is synthetically produced by a technological process called biotechnology. During this process, genes are taken from dissimilar species and are inserted into food crops. These genes can either be viruses or bacteria. Major genetically modified crops that are grown globally are maize, soybean, cotton and canola. These crops contain genes that make them defiant to insect pest or tolerant to herbicide (chemical). Some newer genetically modified crops contain more than one, inserted gene, this means that the crop is both resistant to insect pests and herbicide resistance. This is known as ‘gene-stacking’. Genetically modified crops are eaten directly by humans, used as ingredients in processed foods or used as food to feed animals. Genetically modified foods should be banned because numerous feeding studies conducted on animals have exposed some alarming results. Some of these results showed how results showed how genetically modified foods caused damage to internal organs. Research has shown that those who eat genetically modified foods have noticed an increased in their allergic reactions to those types of foods that they are already allergic to. People have also started to develop allergic reactions to foods they were never allergic to before from eating these genetically modified foods. As one consumes more genetically modified foods into their body the bodies toxicity increases. This does lead to a lot of latent serious health issues. states that there is a distinct link between
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