Genetically Modified Foods, Harmful or Helpful Essay

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Genetically modified foods, harmful or helpful The term genetically modified foods (GM foods) is most commonly used to refer to crop plants created for human or animal consumption using the latest molecular biology technique. Compared to normal food, the benefits of GM foods is very obvious. Such as GM food can reduce damage to crops by chemical pesticide, herbicides and improved crops nutritional content. Now, planting genetically modified food has become very popular in the world. Although the genetically modified foods have many advantages than conventional foods, but we also cannot ignore the fact that GM foods also bring to a lot of problem. For first benefit of GM food, it can effectively to solve hunger and nutrition problem. To solve this problem, we need to focus on to raise food production and increased food nutrition. And GM foods have many benefits from this respect. Firstly, GM foods can increase crop nutrition. Nutrition Malnutrition is common in third world countries where impoverished peoples rely on a single crop such as rice for the mainly diet.GM food. Through adoption transgenic technology, we can make single-crop get more nutritious. For example, researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Institute for Plant Sciences have created a strain of "golden" rice containing an unusually high content of beta-carotene (vitamin A) ( 1.Potrykus I et al, 2001). Secondly, GM foods can be planted in extreme environment. Cold tolerance and drought-resistant gene implanted in the food can be grown in extreme cold and dry area. With this gene, these plants are able to tolerate some extreme environment that normally would kill unmodified crop. (2.Monsanto Company, 2009). Last, GM food can prevent a lot of virus in crops. There have much kind of viruses, fungi and bacteria that cause plant diseases. For prevent this viruses harmful crops, plant
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