Comparison Of Macbeth And William Shakespeare's 'Gilgamesh'

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World civilization Section L 4126 Gilgamesh Gilgamesh A verse narrative Gilgamesh is a story about two really close friends, one was Gilgamesh who was called a god and man, he was the King of Uruk, which is a city set between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in ancient Babylonia. The second friend was Enkidu who was known to be an animal and a man. The story starts when Gilgamesh is a tyrant to his people where he demands the privilege of sleeping with brides before their husbands were permitted. Enkidu was living with the animals he eats with them, drink from the same streams as them, and help them escape traps. One-day a hunter’s…show more content…
Both of these stories are really interesting ones even though Macbeth was written many years after Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh was obviously written in prehistorical times and known to be one of the earliest stories in history unlike Macbeth which was written in the 1400’s by William Shakspeare. Unlike Gilgamesh which does not have a known writer Macbeth’s writer Shackspeare is arguably one of the best and most famous writters of all times. On the other hand both stories can greatly be related to each other and their main characters can also carry great similarities to each other. Macbeth, who was the main character of William Shakespeare play, and Gilgamesh who is the main character in A Verse Narrative Gilgamesh are the two main characters. They can be related in several ways, and one of them can be that both were kings in some point of their stories. The difference between Gilgamesh and Macbeth though was that they lived their stories in a reversed order. The start of Gilgamesh story was that he was known to be a tyrant king that his people were getting sick of but on the other hand Macbeth started as a military official that was considered a hero but as the story progressed evilness in him grew. Macbeth killed the real king to become king and slowly lost his good side to his evilness and sought to kill his closest friends kids in order to withhold power and the kingdom. Gilgamesh on the other hand as the story progressed learned the value of friendship and what it means and he was willing to give up everything for his lost friend, just for him to be able to speak with him again. These two literary works can show you how two different worlds thousands of years apart can still be similar in a way or another. How a kingdom is ruled and how a King is followed and valued in a society. Two Great Stories from two

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