Gender Trouble Essay

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In her publication titled “Gender Trouble”, Judith Butler presents her view that gender is a performative role in society, meaning that in order for gender identity to be genuinely expressed and understood, it must be conveyed openly in social spaces. Throughout her book she provides numerous examples of these “social spaces” that would be a necessary ground for women in order to better establish an identity in society. These include political representation, cultural movements, and the economic climate. These social spaces are presented in great depth and explain how they limit a person by identifying with a specific gender. In this paper, I will argue for Butler’s view on how certain gender performance is restricted in these numerous fields, and how Ms. Butler would object to these various situations. In the opening statement of Gender Trouble, Butler states, “feminist theory has assumed that there is some existing identity, understood through the category of women, who initiates feminist interests and goals.” (CITE GENDER TROUBLE PAGE 1 HERE) By this quote, she explains that feminist theory created the problem that it represents, while at the same time preventing its own progression. She supports this claim with her primary example of gender restriction in the field of representation in politics. Although this problem has no surefire resolution, it is suggested that in order for women to have true political visibility, the development of an identity that truly represents one as an individual is key. Butler suggests the following theory as a solution to these multifaceted complications. She states that in order to enact change, “Something besides theorizing must take place: interventions at social and political levels, which involve actions, sustained labor, and institutionalized practice.” (CITE THE QUESTION OF SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION HERE) This strong

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