Gender Representation in Skyrim

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The world of Bethesda Game Studio’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an open and massive one, where any player is free to do as he or she sees fit. But do those of both sexes have all options available to them? I say yes, and neither is seen superior to the other. Skyrim is an open-world Role Playing Game, or RPG, where the player is set free into a vast, fantasy environment, where they can do as they see fit. They can help people; defend them in battle, or save wanderers from deadly monsters. Or, they can choose a darker route, and fend only for themselves. It seems almost as if the virtual world you are catapulted into is real. The first task the player is required to complete is create their character. There is almost no limit to the features you can change of your character, what type of hair do they have? What colour is their skin? Are they a Human, Elf, or Cat? Are they male or female? Most of these choices do not matter, but among the ones that do, one could be their sex. Throughout most of the game, there is no limit imposed by the gender the player chooses, both having equal potential to use magic, supernatural abilities, or sheer force to bend the world to their desire. In fact, there is only one skill perk out of 251 that relies on gender, and even then can be used by both. So really, no limits are imposed by whichever gender you choose at the start of the game. One thing that the gender of your character does matter for is the appearance in the game. This applies to both the player and Non-Player Characters (NPCs). Throughout most of the game, the player would be wearing full body armour, in which there is little difference between the appearances of male and female armours (which are automatically set upon equipping). Any player can equip any armour, regardless of level, race, or gender. In general, the clothing of NPCs is quite modest. The vast

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