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M Compare/Contrast English 101 Changing Times, Changing Gender Gender roles, regarding to marriage, love, appearance, and career choices, have been reformed by society in the past few generations. These topics are very prominent in today’s society’s expectations; every person feels pressure to fit into these expectations. I believe people should not change who they are to fit society’s expectations, but society should change the expectations to fit the people. Before beginning the compare and contrast section of this paper I would like to define a few terms. I talk about ‘gay’ marriage, and use multiple different homosexual related terms, so by defining a few terms I would like to give you, the reader, a better understanding of the LGBTQ, lesbian gay bisexual trans* queer, community. By doing this I also hope not to confuse the reader. First, marriage: Webster’s dictionary defines marriage as a social union or legal contract between people called spouses that established rights and obligations between spouses. Love, as a verb, is a deep attachment, romantic or otherwise, to someone, or between two people. The word ‘gay’ has multiple definitions. I use the word gay in the terms of homosexuality. Intersexual means a person relates to, or has the condition of being intermediate between, both male and female. Trans* is an umbrella term for any individual who is, or identifies, as the opposite sex from which they were born. Bisexuality is the attraction to two sexes, male and female. Pansexuality is not yet well known, some who identify as pansexual may consider themselves to be gender-blind; pansexuals do not discriminate toward gender, this means that they are open to both male and female, as well as any other identifying persons. Pansexuality is not bisexuality; there are more than two genders. With these definitions, I would now like to discuss
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