Gatorade Case Study

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GATORADE CASE STUDY SWOT ANALYSIS A SWOT analysis is a structured approach to evaluating the strategic position of a business by identifying its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. STRENGTHS: * Gatorade is the market leader in the sport drinks industry. Its closest rival is Powerade. However it has 10% of market share while Gatorade has 75%. In 2010, Gatorade was placed as the biggest non-carbonated soft drinks trademark in the U.S. * It has brand recognition for being the first to enter this market (“first to market” status), which has made consumers relate Gatorade with sports drinks. This is supported by the great consumer loyalty to its products. * Through Gatorade’s Sport Science Institute (GSSI), the brand has a constant product innovation, which gives Gatorade a competitive advantage. All its products show innovative formulas and ingredients, in contrast with most of the sports drinks that are in the market. * Gatorade uses marketing campaigns supported by well-known athletes. This gives more credibility to the brand. * Gatorade has reacted quickly to its mistakes. As soon as Gatorade saw that its products were not appealing as a lifestyle beverage, the brand came back to what they were good at, sport drinks for athletes. * Consumer segmentation: the brand has a special product for every group of athletes and the moment of the training, each of which have their own specific nutrient requirements and product needs for before, during and after sport, thus focusing on individual athlete’s needs. * Gatorade has transformed itself from being recognized by consumers as a sports drink brand to a sports performance innovator, differentiating from its competitors. WEAKNESSES: * Consumers have to visit their website in order to know which product suits them and how to use them properly. * Gatorade thought that

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