Fuji vs Kodak Essay

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Kodak and Fujifilm Eastman Kodak Company, or Kodak, is a technology company founded by George Eastman in 1888 and is based in Rochester, New York. George Eastman owned the Eastman Dry Plate Company. By combining pieces of paper covered in a photographic mixture, which he invented, he and William Walker another photographic expert, came up with a way to hold rolls of photo plates. Two other inventors Hannibal Goodwin and Emile Reynaud created a see-through nitrocellulose film base and punctured holes in this, respectively. Eastman had the foresight to place all of this together to create the first mass-produced rolls of transparent photographic film. Kodak found notoriety for this breakthrough photographic film. Whereas previously photography involved a long, complicated process of film development that was very scientific, Kodak is recognized as being the first to open photography to the average person with cameras that were inexpensive and easy to use. Kodak dominated their position in photographic film throughout the 20th century, however, they began to struggle in the 90’s. The dominance of digital photography, which ironically they pioneered, and their delay in recognizing and capitalizing on the popularity of this technology led them into legal battles and bankruptcy from which they are still recovering. As stated by Szustek (2013) the company developed the world's first digital camera. It rivaled the size of a toaster -- although compared with the computers of the era, its construction was rather sporty. But despite having this patent in its arsenal, Kodak was reluctant to embrace digital photography during the late 1990s. Kodak’s core business has evolved to include segments that supply non digital film, processing, photofinishing and cameras. They are also a source for professional needs by supplying printers, scanners, and chemicals. By

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