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When comparing Kodak and Fujifilm you will find that their core of business were similar and revolved around photography and imaging. In the beginning Kodak had an edge on the competition because they began14 years earlier and had solid reputation. Kodak began in 1881 under the name Eastman Dry Plate Company and Fujifilm since 1834 under the name Fuji Photo Film Company. Both companies have had to evolve with technological advances, market changes, and management strategies. Kodak has struggled through these changes in the recent years. Fujifilm on the other hand is thriving. This could be due to the difference in management decisions and adapting to the changing market. The company known as Kodak today was founded by George Eastman in 1881 in Rochester, NY and has changed its name multiple times. Eastman dropped out of school at the age of 14 to help support his family after the death of his father. As a young man he was frustrated with the bulky cameras and messy wet plate method that was used. This inspired him to change the way photography was done. Eastman and his company were considered pioneers in the camera and film industry which was the core of their business. Eastman made numerous advancements in improving access and ease of photography. Accomplishments include being one of the first to mass produce dry plates commercially, he invented transparent camera film in rolls instead of plates, and he also introduced the first “Kodak” camera which was considered the birth of snap shot photography. Even after Eastman’s death in 1932 the company is still going strong. There were great improvements not only in camera film and developing but movie film as well over the next several decades and Kodak was on the rise and very successful. By the 1976 Kodak had 90% of all film sales, and 85% of camera sales. They made a milestone of surpassing 10 Billion Dollars in

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