Free Fall Acceleration

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FREE FALL ACCELERATION Section : 03 Name & Surname : Partner’s Name : Instructor’s Name : Experiment Date : Submission Date : ABSTRACT In this experiment our aim was to examine the relationship between height and how long it takes the sphere to reach the ground after being dropped from rest. We used a falling sphere apparatus, a release unit, a meter scale, a digital timer and graph papers. We measured falling time of the sphere dropped from rest at 5 different heights. The measurements showed that as the height decreases, time for the sphere to reach the tray decreases too. THEORY Every object near the surface of the Earth is subject to a gravitational force which is toward the center of the Earth. When an object is dropped, the Earth’s gravitational attraction causes the object to fall down with a uniformly accelerated motion. Sir Isaac Newton discovered the gravity when he saw an apple fall from a tree. When he first introduced the gravity, people had trouble adopting the idea of a distant force. Because it was not a direct force like pushing or pulling. The force of gravity on an object depends on the mass and the distance. Free fall is caused by this gravitational force. Every object falls down at the same speed because the gravitational acceleration is independent of the mass of the object. Gravitational acceleration was found using this formula: g=2ht2 Impact speed of the falling objects was found using this formula: v=2ht Percentage error between calculated values and those obtained from the slope of the graphs were found using this formula: percent error=calculated value-slopecalculated value x100% PROCEDURE Firstly we placed the falling sphere apparatus on the table. Then we placed the meter scale next to the falling sphere

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