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Force Fields Summary Response In Michio Kaku’s article “Force Fields”, he explains how a force field can deflect laser beams. Throughout out his article Kaku shows that future science might be able to provide the same technology as science fiction TV shows such as Star Trek because he believes that science would overcome issues of limited technology. In order for force field function correctly he suggests that there has to have three layers. The outer layer is high temperature plasma created by supercharged plasma window. The middle layer is a group of laser beams. And the inner layer is nanotubes that protect structures from laser beams. Later he argues the lasers will destroy objects, which the lasers will go that get through the force field. To fix that problem Kaku thinks that the force field needs to have photochromatics. Then Kaku states that force fields can do more than deflecting laser beams because it can levitate objects by the use of magnetic force fields. To support that, he explains that when we place two magnets opposite to each other, the two magnets will repel each other. However he wrote that making force fields and to levitate heavy objects is nearly impossible since we lack advanced technology. For my response, Kaku doesn’t completely explain everything. Suppose that you have a structure on a planet or a spaceship in the middle of nowhere, and suppose you don't want the force field on all the time either because there are times when protection isn't needed. The outer layer of your force field is hot plasma (hot gas of ion). Where are these ions when the force field is off and how long does it take to turn it back on? The middle layer is the group of laser beams. When the force field is off, do the laser beams stay outside the nanotube layer? How long does it take to reactivate them again? The inner layer is nanotubes that protects from

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