Free Enterprise Economy

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In a Free Enterprise Economy you have the ability to succeed or fail and in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness is a great example. In this movie Chris Garner ran into a lot of things he succeeded in and a lot of things he failed in. In the end he came out on top. Chris Garner followed many elements of a Free Enterprise Economy such as being able to make your own decisions, which he did a lot of. Some decisions drove him to succeed and some drove him to fail. Garner went in and applied for a job as a stockbroker, but little did he know there was no income. He took the job any way and succeeded. But along the way he also made some decision that caused him to fail. When Garner finally sold his last Bone Density Scanner, which was his own business, he came across money for him and his son. However a failure came his way. Garner refused to pay taxes and in a Free Enterprise Economy you have to pay taxes. This gave the government the right to take money out his bank account. This was a failure that Garner didn’t need to encounter but because you are able to make your own decisions in a Free Enterprise Economy this is what happened. There is also another element of a Free Enterprise Economy, being an entrepreneur. Garner owned his own business of selling Bone Density Scanners. He spent his entire life savings on his business to find out they were not much needed in the economy. This can become apart of making your own decisions to but that’s what also comes with being an entrepreneur, to see whether you will succeed or fail. In Garner’s case he failed in the beginning of his business and eventually sold them all to succeed. Being in a Free Enterprise economy can benefit us or hurt us and it did both to Chris. Being able to make your own decisions on how you want to make or spend your money can be challenging. Chris Garner in the Pursuit of Happyness tells it

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