Franklin County Child Services Case Study

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Environmental Assessment of Franklin County Children Services Agency History and Mission * History: * 1866-State Law passed allowing Ohio counties to provide services to children. 1877-Franklin county voters supported building a Children’s Home which provided care to orphaned children and placed them up for adoption. 1945- Doctors and other professionals began to recognize child abuse as a real problem and not just “accidents.” The state expanded the role of the child welfare board which now included foster care placement, in-home services and counseling. 1960’s-Mandatory reporting was enacted. The local child welfare board was now titled Franklin County Children Services. The first county property tax was created which provided funds to services…show more content…
A client goes though intake which is a screening department to determine if the abuse is substantial enough to become involved with FCCS. * Major Programs and Services: * There are several departments included within FCCS that deliver various services. Adoptions: Screen adoptive parents, provide training to adoptive parents, collaborate with courts for adoption, and provide pre and post-placement adoptive services. Emancipation: Provide services such as life skills trainings and counseling to every young adult that is projected to age out of foster care. Supports youth through their transition to adulthood. Foster Care: provides trainings, screenings, and services to individuals interested in becoming foster parents. Intake: Screens referrals though an investigative process which includes assessments, photographs, psychological evaluations, etc. Regional/Ongoing: Provide ongoing support to families in need. Link families with a multitude of services based on the needs of the family. The department’s main focus is family reunification or permanency for the
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