Frankenstein and Blade Runner Comparitive Essay

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Analyse the ways in which a comparative study of Frankenstein and Blade Runner invites consideration of humanity’s connection with the natural world. (Natural Order) An inextricable link can be drawn between ‘Frankenstein’, a gothic novel composed by Mary Shelley and Ridley Scott’s film noir Blade Runner, where both texts invites the consideration of humanity’s connection with the natural world. In both texts nature is highly valued and is considered necessary for a fruitful society, however each text explores humanities treatment of nature in diverse ways, due to the context and didactic purpose of each text. The ways in which the connection between humanity and the natural world has been explored include: natures healing power, usurping natural order and the consequences of disregarding nature. Both ‘Frankenstein’ and Blade Runner invite the consideration of humanity’s strong connection with the natural world as being essential for a lively and successful society. Consequences can arise if an individual does not consider the ethical concerns of natural order. Walton’s story to ‘Frankenstein’ is as a warning, which reveals the detrimental effects that arise from disregarding nature. Shelley suggests nature can heal itself and restore natural order, this is symbolically shown through the entrapment of Walton’s ship by sheets of ice, preventing him from endeavouring further. This foreshadows the didactic purpose of the story that scientific advancements should not be attempt to usurp or uncover the secrets of nature. “The ice began to move… the islands split and cracked in every direction”, only when Walton decides to retreat from his mission does the ice free him, this again suggests how powerful nature can be in order to keep its secrets concealed. 1818 was a time where the sublime was a highly valued element of an individual’s life; due to it having the power to
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