Blade Runner and Frankenstein

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Blade Runner Essay Question: In what ways does a comparative study accentuate the distinctive contexts of Frankenstein and Blade Runner? Answer: Through texts composers have been able to highlight and examine key ideas relative to their specific context. A text has the ability to bring to the forefront its contextual ideas in a engaging manner. In Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein the context is highlighted through 19th century ideas of Gothicism and Romanticism in an entertaining but concerning manner. Additionally, Ridley Scott’s feature film Blade Runner depicts a dystopian world devastated by capitalism, greed and technology which were primary concerns in the context of the 1980’s. Through both these texts similar concerns of the future we are able to understand and bring to the forefront the two different contexts. Mary Shelly’s novel Frankenstein portrays her contextual concerns through a novel that incorporated letters and stories of characters going through other characters such as Walton’s sister being told the storey of Victor and the monster from letter’s from Walton. The writing of letters in Shelly’s context was one of the most reliable forms of communication. This helps us to understand that because they were using the most reliable communication technique then the information in the letters would seem reliable. Shelly also expresses her concern with the increased curiosity amongst divine power through the character of Victor. “I will pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers and unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation”. This reflects preoccupation of enlightenment ideas about creation. This fear about man’s curiosity was driven by the increasing occurrence of science and curiosity throughout her life such as the creation of a mechanical duck in 1738 which was evident of the romantic and gothic periods of the 19th century. These
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