Fox and Hound

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1. Which statement is true about binary language? - Everything a computer does is broken down into a series of 0s and 1s. 2. Which of the following terms represents one trillion bytes of data?- Terabyte 3. Which printers are usually used in offices and classrooms because they print faster and produce high-quality printouts?- Laser printers 4. A large, expensive computer that supports hundreds of users simultaneously is a(n)- mainframe 5. The _______ is the main circuit board that contains the central electronic components of the computer. -Motherboard 6. What holds all the instructions the computer needs to start up when it is powered on?-ROM 7. Which of the following is NOT another name for a flash drive?- Solid-state drive 8. Width-to-height proportion of a monitor is its- aspect ratio 9. Which type of memory is considered volatile?- RAM 10. A(n) ________ is similar to a notebook computer, but the monitor swivels and folds flat.- tablet PC 11. What is the difference between Sleep mode and Hibernate in Windows 7? - Sleep mode saves everything to memory, whereas Hibernate stores your data on your hard drive and your computer is powered off. 12. How you arrange your computer and other equipment to minimize your risk of injury or discomfort is-ergonomics. 13. can store approximately 14 times more data than a CD.- DVDs 14. An embedded computer is a specially designed chip that resides in another device. 15. A webcam is a small camera that sits on top of a computer monitor 16. A trackpoint device is a small joystick-like nub that enables you to move the cursor with the tip of your finger. 17. Game controllers such as joysticks, game pads, and steering wheels are examples of input devices. 18. A port is a place through which a peripheral device attaches to the computer so that data can be exchanged

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