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Forced Drug Testing Should defendants be forced to drug testing before trial? Pre-trial drug testing has been a controversial issue for a while now and some believe that it violates some of his or her rights as an American. “Pre-trial drug testing is based on assumption.” (Neubauer, 2008) “In December 1995, President Bill Clinton directed Attorney General Janet Reno to develop and implement a universal policy providing for the drug testing of all federal arrestees before the decision is made to release them to community pending trial. He also directed the Attorney General to take steps to encourage states to adopt and implement the policy.” (Henry & Clark, 1999) His reasons for this policy is that “too often, the same criminal drug users cycle through the court, corrections, and probation systems still hooked on drugs and still committing crimes to support their habit. We should react at the earliest possible stage in a person’s interaction with the criminal justice system--------following arrest.” (Henry & Clark, 1999) Personally, I disagree on this policy. As I have stated above, this policy violates our rights as an American. According to the Bill of Rights, every man has the following rights: “right to be assumed innocent until proven guilty, right against unreasonable searches & seizures, right against self-incrimination, and right being treated equally.” (Cornell University Law School, 2008) The reason for these violations is that every man is presumed innocent until proven guilty and by forcing the…show more content…
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