Forbidden Love Essay

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Forbidden Love Some of the greatest movies of all time involve the theme of Forbidden Love. Most films that involve the theme, Forbidden Love, often end up as tragedies, but turn out as Box Office Hits! Forbidden love is a love between two characters that is kept a secret and feelings of love are only shown in the private of each other’s company. Also, in many cases, this pure love is torn apart by angry families. The two movies I connected with this theme are Romeo and Juliet and Tristan and Isolde. Both movies tell a story about pure, unconditional love, however it is a forbidden love. Both couples are madly in love with each other, but they are forbidden to even associate with each other. Also, in both movies it is the male character that will do anything and many times, give up his life, to try and have the forbidden love accepted. Romeo and Juliet is originally a play written by William Shakespeare around the year 1595. It is one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays and is highly praised for its language and dramatic effect. In 1996, the play was made into a modern film, entitled William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet. The film was designed to appeal to a younger, modern audience. The film was directed by Baz Luhrmann and was nominated for an Academy Award. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes as the forbidden lovers who risk everything for each other. The story is about a pair of star-crossed lovers. Two teenagers, Romeo and Juliet, pursue their love for each other despite the fact that their families (the Montague’s and Capulet’s) have been at odds with each other for decades. The story begins when Juliet’s family (the Capulet’s) throws a party, and all family friends were invited. The Montague’s were not invited, but Romeo devises a plan so he can get into the party and “sneak a glimpse at Rosaline”, a young girl Romeo was pursuing. Once Romeo
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