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Food Journal Hal N. Samara Chamberlain College of Nursing Nutrition, Health and Wellness February 8, 2015 Introduction Food Journal Nutrition is extremely important for living a healthy lifestyle. Being able to stay committed is also key. Keeping an eye on your personal daily nutrition values and intake is vital to an effective diet. Five weeks ago, I began documenting everything I was eating daily in my food journal. I started this process because I wanted to calculate the calories, fat, protein, sodium etc. I was putting into my body. I also documented my workouts and wore a pedometer to inform me of how many steps I took. “Writing down what you eat makes you accountable for every bit of food that goes into your mouth, including…show more content…
I will continue to count calories, protein, sodium and etc. I will also record my exercise for the day. Before the year is over, I will analyze the data collected and compare it to the suggested values from MyPyramid. This is important because I will be able to live a healthier lifestyle and make better choices. “A food diary will allow you to spot at a glance any shortchanged food groups that could be potentially depriving you of important nutrients,” (Sheehan, 2012). My short term goal for improving my physical activity is to do squats four to five times a week to tone the lower half of my body by an inch. I will start off doing 25 squats four times a week in the beginning and then I will increase it to five times a week. Achieving this goal would make me ecstatic because I want to tone the lower half of my body. I will do squats four to five times a week for six weeks. By the end of week six, I can measure my thighs and buttocks to see if I lost an inch, which would make me reach my main…show more content…
I have not had a bag of chips since week two of the food journal, and do not feel bloated anymore. Having a bowl of raw almonds taste much better and is healthier. Instead of having processed juices, I drink 6 to 8 bottles of water a day. Eating at home has many advantages, such as, healthier meal options and saving money. My exercise has stayed the same and if I can, I will gradually increase it as I move forward. The changes that have been made make me feel lighter, happier and I always feel well

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