Food Eaten In Thailand And The United States Essay

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There are Four Factors that/which human beings need include Clothing, medicines, habitation, and food. All of them are significant for ones’ life, but food is much more important than the others. Food not only can keep ones a live but also it can show ones’ culture to another countries. As a result, food eaten is familiar with to a culture because it shows the ways one eats, and cooks that one can shared to others, so if one has a discussion between food eaten in Thailand and the United States, ones will see different ways of eating food in three areas: food, fruit, and beverages. The first point of discussion is the ways that one eats food between two countries. People in the United States eat bread for breakfast such as French toast, pancakes, or bagels. However, in Thailand, they eat rice, such as fried rice and steamed rice with something simple such as fired fried chicken or shrimp. Most people eat omelets with steamed rice in Thailand while people in the United States eat omelets only. Second, one will also find different ways to eat fruit in both countries. Most people have fruit such as melons, apples, and strawberries in the morning in the United States; where as, people in Thailand never have fruit early in the morning because it can be harmful to their stomach. In contrast, people in Thailand prefer to mix fruit in a salad somewhat more than the United States. In addition to mixing in a salad, they also have dip fruit in flavors such as spicy, sweet, and salty. (in the U.S. we dip fruit in chocolate or caramel. Finally, both countries have different ways and kinds of beverages to drink. Most of people in the United States drink orange juice, coffee, or tea in the morning while Thai people always drink water only because they believe that it helps them to be fresh in the morning. In addition, most Thai people like to drink juice made from herbs much

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