Popchips: Changing the Snack Industry

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Popchips When you think of potato chips, what comes to mind? Some people would most likely say “Lays”. Think about it, you’re out there in public eating these chips and when you’re done you usually have to wipe your greasy hands all over your favorite pairs of jeans. Now there is the baked alternative of Lays Chips, however let’s be honest, they have hardly any flavor and like the co-founder of Popchips Keith Belling eloquently stated, “If it doesn’t taste good it isn’t a snack.” With the growing health concerns that are present in our world today, many consumers have been searching for healthier options when it comes to food; Popchips is just that. Many people around the globe are becoming aware of the growing game changers in the snacking industry. Popchips is a small company founded in San Francisco in 2007 by Keith Belling and Patrick Turpin. It offers popped potato chips in various flavors, sweet potato chips, and popped tortilla chips. The company provides its products through a network of retail stores in the United States and Canada, as well as online. The chips were created with to solve one problem; being embarrassed to eat a bag of fried chips out in public without having to resort to those bland baked chips. Pop chips are a type of potato chip that provided a great alternative to chips that are fried or baked. Through this method, unlike baked chips, they are able to keep the entire flavor with less than half the fat. Despite the today’s economy, Popchips have been able to gradually increase the demand for Popchips. Popchips have been able to see its sales rise 40% this year and could possibly top $100 million in sales. According to an online article on Inc. 500, Pop Chips has had a 3-year growth of 1,045% and created $6.4 million in revenue for 2008 and $73.3 million for 2011. They’ve added 65 jobs in the previous 3 years and rank #8 in the industry.

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