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Flying in the World Flying in Rural Alaska is a far cry from flying commercially across states. Many people never get to experience the thrill of flying in Rural Alaska by way of Alaska's traditional chariot, the Super Cub. For the person who is accustomed to traveling aboard large passenger jets, like the Boeing 737, flying can be a very different experience for someone who has never stepped foot in a Super Cub. There are very drastic differences, and few similarities, among the Super Cub and the Boeing 737 passenger transportation aircraft for instance the size, view, accommodations and speed. The first thing one would notice is the difference in size between the two aircrafts. The small, yet mighty, Super Cub is renowned for it’s great performance abilities and are often characterized aesthetically by their rugged appearance. The body is narrow and can seat just 2 people comfortably, including the pilot. Once the passenger has been seated and the plane has taken off, both the passenger and the pilot will remain seated in that position until landed. There is no moving about the cabin or using the restroom, so it is encouraged to use the restroom before airborne. They have a single propeller engine that can obtain a cruising speed of 100 knots, though many do not exceed that speed as it puts unnecessary strain on the tiny engine. It is best suited for short travel distances, as it is not the fastest airplane on the runway. The Super Cub can hold up to 30 gallons of fuel on each wing tank, although it does not use much fuel at all. It is, in essence, the compact fuel efficient car of the airplane world in Alaska. It has big widows on both sides to look out of, so one can admire the scenery. The Boeing 737 aircraft is the also referred to as a simple yet reliable airplane. The Boeing “Overview” reports that “The Boeing 737 is the best-selling commercial

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