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Winglets When the first airplanes were built, there were many different wing designs. At first, planes had two levels of wings. They called these planes “bi-planes” which was the first type of plane invented. But in the early days of aviation, winglets were not very common. In 1907, the Wright Brothers came up with the winglets concept but called them “blinkers”. It was then used in their model A glider. The Wright Brothers modified their blinkers to help give more stability to their glider. It was then used in their model B glider in 1910. Also in 1910, William E. Somerville patented the first real winglet. Winglets are wing extensions that reduce drag and give the plane extra lift. Winglets are at the end of the planes wing and look like a curved edge. Winglets also create two air tunnels. Each air tunnel creates a tremendous amount of force (or turbulence). Just one of the air tunnels could flip a plane traveling behind it. Wind tunnels are formed from different air pressures coming together from the winglets. The air pressures do not want to mix, so they try to get away from each other by spinning around and then going in a different direction. This can help gliders because it acts almost the same as two jet engines. This also helps planes mileage by six to nine percent. Many different things use winglets. Birds have feathers at the end of their wings that curve upwards. Some private jets, commercial airlines, military planes, and gliders have them at the end of their wings. Certain helicopters have them on their rotating blades. Also, prop planes have them on their propellers. And last, some race cars have one on each side near the front. It has been determined that winglets create less drag for airplanes, allowing the planes to use less fuel. But, surprisingly, winglets are not used on all airplanes. The reason is that

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