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The Bermuda triangle was created through several magazine articles in the early 1950s. Flight 19 disappeared in December of 1945 but it wasn’t into the Bermuda triangle and it wasn't sudden — it took four hours for each of the TMB avengers to drop out of the sky. The reasons for the flight’s failure are many-fold: 1) Navigation Problem 1 — was flawed — and would return the flight at least 10 miles north of NAS Ft. Lauderdale. 2) None of the five aircraft were refuled prior to take off. It was the 19th flight of the day. 3) Flight Leader Lt. Taylor’s RMI compass was reported bad — it was not repaired and cleared for flight. 4) Flight Leader Lt. Taylor’s High Frequency Radio (required during storm conditions) was reported bad — it was not repaired and cleared for flight. 5) Up to 40 knot winds were reported prior to take off. 6) Flight Leader Lt. Taylor requested the flight to be grounded — he was ordered to fly. 7) The first leg of the Navigation Problem didn’t find their target (see #1) 8) Up to 60 knot northerly winds came up in a storm and blew them into the northern Bahamas. The irony of Flight 19 is that none of the men died within the infamous Bermuda triangle. Three crash sites have been located and one aircraft has been raised from the sea. Flight 19 was discovered in 1991 in August of that year. Project 19, a group dedicated to locating the missing aircraft, was headed by Jon F. Myhre, aviation expert. He has spent 30 years searching for Flight 19, using unpublished Navy records, reports, weather charts, current charts, and some 50 sightings, plus exclusive interviews with the sole surviving airman of the flight, a surviving crew member of the search planes, and a Naval Review Board member. In Aug 1991, he located crash site #1 and pulled the aircraft from the sea floor. In 2007 he located crash site #3, and in 2009 crash site #2 -- these

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