The Curious Case of Db Cooper

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Is D.B Cooper still alive? This is a question that has stumped the FBI for over 45 years. Can a man parachute from a passenger airliner in driving rain with winds in excess of 200 miles per hour? The year is 1971, 24 November to be exact. A seemingly shy man in his mid-forties buys a ticket in Portland for Seattle on Northwest Airlines flight 305. After the plane takes off, Dan Cooper, later to become DB calls the stewardess and tells her he is hijacking the plane. He shows her a briefcase containing what looks like a bomb. He instructs her to write a note demanding 4 parachutes and $200,000. After landing in Seattle he exchanges the 36 passengers for the parachutes and the money and instructs the pilot to fly to Mexico. Somewhere over Reno, Nevada, he amazingly jumps from the plane using the back stairway. Did he survive? Many stories surfaced over the years of people claiming to be DB Cooper. However in 2011 the most credible one surfaced. Marla Cooper claims that her uncle Lynn Doyle Cooper was in fact the infamous hijacker. She claims that on the day of the hijacking he arrived at her parents’ home badly injured. Also he was fixated with a Belgium comic character Dan Cooper, the name used to buy the ticket. Her family believed that he lost the money during the jump. Several years after the jump, a young boy stumbled upon $5800 of the stolen money near a river. Curiously, the story was not denied by the FBI, as so many before had been. So maybe he did survive. The case remains the oldest unsolved case in U.S

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