Fitzgerald Is Quoted as Having Said ‘the Rich Are Different from You and Me’. Consider This Statement in Chapter 1.

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Fitzgerald is quoted as having said ‘the rich are different from you and me’. Consider this statement in Chapter 1. F.Scott Fitzgerald was born in Minnesota and grew up in New York. Fitzgerald was born into an upper middle class family; however Fitzgerald controversially described himself as ‘a poor boy living in a rich town’. He once said ‘the rich are different from you and me’ when talking about his own life. There are several indications of this that have been reflected throughout his novel ‘The Great Gatsby’. Nevertheless, in 1920s America most people, rich or poor, would spend all their available money on luxuries which left people in great amounts of debt. Therefore, most citizens of America found themselves essentially leading the same basis of living for luxuries. Throughout Chapter 1 of ‘The Great Gatsby’ there are various hints that Fitzgerald’s statement is prevalent to his descriptions of the richer characters. When describing Daisy and Tom’s house, Nick has a rather retrospective view of his recollection of events. This is highlighted by Fitzgerald’s use of positive lexis and pre-modification when elucidating the details of the home. In referring to the house, Nick uses words such as ‘gleaming’ and ‘bright-coloured’. This could be used to show the reader how Nick is supposed to represent a more middle-lower class of people and therefore is not as rich as Gatsby so is shown to be overwhelmed by the home of an upper class. This could also be reflective of Fitzgerald’s memories and how he was a ‘poor boy’ and had been astounded in the same way as Nick at how different their lives seemed. Nick also describes the house to be ‘twisting’ ‘fluttering’ and ‘rippling’ which connotes the rich as sophisticated and elegant. This emphasises to the reader that Nick does see richer people as more superior and dissimilar to him so here shows how ‘the rich are
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