Fire Arms Should Be Banned In The Us Essay

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Science and technology, has played the most significant role for the human beings to live comfortably and luxuriously. Friends miles away can be reached instantly, the world can be watched from our bedrooms as well as many of the things which we wouldn’t have thought in the past. In one hand, science and technology has been a boon to mankind and on the other hand it has created various disastrous things, such as weapons of mass destruction, either the big missiles, huge bombs, the small grenade, or the small pistol. The massive use of firearms has been a sad issue. According to the report by DeutschePresse via Bloomberg, the United States – surprisingly – leads the world for the possession of the firearms. The number of guns owned by civilians in the United States is between 238 million and 276 million, making a country of 268 million people the most armed possession in the world (“THE TRUTH ABOUT GUNS, CRIME AND VIOLENCE”). This is a very serious problem as bearing a weapon in the house is never safe and can be very fatal to all the people felling themselves safe within the boundary of the United States. It is clear from the above data that there are more guns in the US than the people themselves. For someone to die, one bullet is enough, so we can imagine how many lives can be taken from all those guns. It is somewhat agreeable that keeping a gun at home is for personal protection, but this should be understood that keeping a gun at home makes one more unprotected. It might be once or never that someone will point a gun at another person but the gun at home will always be pointing toward someone. The most dangerous part of the story is that it affects the kids a lot. At a very early age, they would be experiencing guns and instead of being more afraid of it, they become more used to it. They start accepting the culture of guns. It’s obvious that America has

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