Final Draft Rhetorical Analysis: Martin Luther King Jr.

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Jamie Anderson Mr. Nate Engl. 0700.101 16 Sep. 2013 Final Draft Rhetorical Analysis Essay I Have A Dream In I Have a Dream, told by Martin Luther King Jr. he discussed the Civil Rights matters in hoping all racial relations would be equal and giving the black activist hope for the future. In this speech King Jr. appeals to the different types of audience, with the three rhetorical modes of ethos, pathos and logos. There are three types of audience this speech aims at; blacks who are discriminated against, whites who harbor thoughts at that time, blacks and racist people who argue that blacks are evil and the civil rights movement is violent. Martin Luther King Jr. made an assertion that “We can never be satisfied as long as our bodies,…show more content…
As King Jr. inspires his audience on how the whites should be shameful because they have broken many promises and King is hoping to elicit action from his audience because they will come to understand that things will not change without action In conclusion, the thesis to Martin Luther King Jr. I Have A Dream is, he was dreaming of a world in which racial relations would be marked with equality for all, in every sense and in every place King Jr. uses all three rhetorical modes as well Ethos, Logos and Pathos. This speech is very powerful in emotion giving the sense of sadness, fear, hopefulness, shame, disappointment etc…. King uses (logos) in convincing his audience and giving them hope to having freedom and putting an end to discrimination. When reading the speech King uses a strong appeal (ethos) in convincing his audience that “now is the time” no more waiting and take action on what has become. As the speech goes on there is a strong abundance of emotion (pathos) that is drawn out through the audience. Fear, sadness, hopefulness, disappointment, pain and anger all of these emotions tie into the speech in one way, making the audience feel there is hope in the world and one day we as the people will integrated and become
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