I Have A Dream Letter To Birmingham Jail Analysis

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Analysis of “I Have a Dream” and “Letter to Birmingham Jail” In the “Letter to Birmingham Jail” Martin Luther King addresses the criticisms and objections that the white clergymen had made towards his and his affiliated organization’s efforts in trying to end segregation and achieve his and his people’s birth right: the right to be free through nonviolent means. Through the “I Have a Dream Speech” King speaks to his supporters and as well as to the entire nation to make them be fully aware of the injustices they are facing and through this make them stand up to those injustices. Both “Letter to Birmingham Jail” and “I Have a Dream Speech” have the same underlying meaning however. That way too long have the black community been treated wrongly. That way too long have the black nation been “judged by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character (King 815)” and therefore it is time for them to rise and stand up for their rights. That it is time…show more content…
King and his followers strived to do the same with all the protests and marches that they had conducted because they wanted to achieve their ultimate goal of promoting desegregation among both white and black community. King urges that such steps were necessary because “every time the Negro leaders sought to negotiate with the city fathers the latter consistently refused to engage in good-faith negotiation (King 799).” According to King urging his people to stand up to their rights and fight for their freedom was not wrong especially when it was done through nonviolent ways. In the “Letter to Birmingham Jail” King uses many argumentative methods to convey his point across his audience and convince them of his
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