Harriet Tubman Courageous Essay

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One on the laws of life is courage. Courage is an important aspect to have in life. Courage is to be able to do something even though you are afraid. It’s when you take the penalty kick even though you know the chances are you’ll miss the goal, when you jump out of the plane even though you’re afraid of height, it’s when you stand up against the bully whose been torturing you since 1st grade. I feel that people in our history have courage, like Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr., and or Abraham Lincoln. Harriet Tubman was an amazingly courageous woman. She spent many years leading up to the Civil War as a conductor in the Underground Railroad, she save hundreds of slaves. Her herself was an escapee slave. Not only did she help them escape…show more content…
is very courageous. He had the courage to stand up, speak up, and stand out against the racism against the African-Americans. He changed America in the face of adversity. He led marches for Civil Rights for Black people. His philosophy was non-violence, so that when the police, spat on, and beat the marchers, even killed several, his response was not to respond in kind. He fought against the top men in the country; he made it possible for colored men and women to have rights. He is a role model for adults and kids. Abraham Lincoln is also very courageous. One of the greatest things he’s ever done was that e freed the slaves. He was able to go against the confederacy (his own country) and fight to help keep America a united country. He risked his life for our country, and then he was assassinated for standing up for our country. He is an idol, if that’s the right word? He is more than courageous. He went above and beyond. Everyone has their own perspective, on courage. In my perspective I feel that courage is one of the most needed things in someone’s personality. It shows their true colors and how they are able to overcome anything. It shows that their fears are a speck in their courageous minds. Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr., and Abraham Lincoln are the top three people who I think perfectly represent

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