Fernando Cortes Letter To The King Analysis

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1. Fernando Cortes was a Spanish conquistador who led an expedition that caused the fall of the Aztec Empire. In his First Letter to King Charles I of Spain dating to July 10, 1519, Fernando Cortes provided a detailed account of his activities in Mexico. He described the country as rich in resources and its native people as savage barbarians who sacrifice their own persons for their idols. Cortes wrote that in the short time they explored the lands, the expedition has discovered that everything that King Solomon brought for the Temple existed in this country. In his letter to the King, he described the physical appearance of the natives and their religious practices. Cortes also described the towns in which the natives lived. 2. The…show more content…
But rather than waiting on being attacked, Cortes determined to anticipate them. He had some of the city lords called saying that he wished to speak to them and shut them in the chamber by themselves. After the five hour firing to some houses and towers where natives defended themselves, Cortes and his army with the help of Tascaltecal and Cempoal natives, forced all the people out of the city. 3. After evaluating Cortes letter to the king, I believe that it is subjective towards the Native American civilization. He wants the king to support him and finance his expedition. He also thought personal wealth. It was a time in which Conquistadors thought to gain fame. 4. After the messenger has reported to King Motecuhzoma of how the Spaniards have made the journey, what they saw and ate, the King was terrified. He was also terrified by their advanced cannon. When the messenger explained that their clothing is made of iron and their horses carry them wherever they wished to go, it was as if King’s heart has fainted. After being installed in the palace, the Spaniards demanded the gold from the natives, which brought it for them. By using their advanced weapons like swords and metal shields, they would kill the natives by stabbing and cutting off their heads. Soon after a war with the Spaniards began in which

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