Felony Offender Rehabilitation Research Paper

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Felony Offender Rehabilitation Is rehabilitation of felony offenders possible? Desirable? One Labor Day weekend in Huntsville, Texas, 17-year-old K’Lynn Kohr was found brutally murdered in her home. Homicide investigators quickly learned that the murderer was the recently-paroled Jerwoody Moler (itemonline.com). K’lynn’s murder was not provoked in any way and her only “crime” was simply being home alone. Tragedies like this one make society wonder if the rehabilitation of felony offenders from incarceration is possible and there just so happens to be empirical evidence to answer that question. First off, it is important that I explain what a felony is. A felony is a crime that is regarded as more serious than a misdemeanor, and is usually…show more content…
Studies show that women are more likely to benefit from properly administered rehabilitation programs because of their role as mothers. Men, on the other hand, have not succeeded in benefiting from properly administered rehabilitation programs. Also, poorly administered rehabilitation programs do not have an impact on recidivism rates, but are detrimental financially because of wasted funds. Currently 90% or more of all criminal offenders entering prison have previously been incarcerated either in a jail or prison. Research clearly demonstrates that incarcerations, sanctions, and community corrections do little to reduce recidivism rates. The punishment methods do not reduce recidivism because they do not address criminal thinking errors. If a criminal never changes the way they think, they will never change their criminal behavior.…show more content…
I would say yes it is. Many people convicted of crimes should be given a second chance, everyone makes mistakes and we all should be able to recover from our mistakes and better ourselves for our future. "Rehabilitation." Democracy's Ghosts. Web. 22 Apr. 2012. <http://www.democracysghosts.org/rehabilitation/rehabilitation.html>. "Top 10 Stories of 2010: No. 3: Murder of Teen Impacts Community » Local News » The Huntsville Item, Huntsville, TX." Top 10 Stories of 2010: No. 3: Murder of Teen Impacts Community » Local News » The Huntsville Item, Huntsville, TX. Web. 22 Apr. 2012. <http://itemonline.com/local/x2131357792/Top-10-Stories-of-2010-No-3-Murder-of-teen-impacts-community>. "Felony Rehabilitation." Web. 22 Apr. 2012. <http://www.offender-rehabilitation.com/is-rehabilitation-of-felony-offenders-possible/>. Walsh, Anthony. "The Function Of Punishment." . Corretions: The Essentials. By Mary Stohr. 12.

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