Fantasy Essay - the Pans Labyrinth

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Fantasy Essay – Pans Labyrinth The film, The Pans Labyrinth, written and directed by Guillermo del Toro, is a fantasy film that uses various elements of fantasy to develop the narrative. The presence of “Good vs. Evil”, divides the characters, allowing the viewer to be positioned to back certain characters, and dislike others. This battle between “good” and “evil” occurs in two worlds, those being the real world, and a secondary realm. Ofelia enters this secondary world as part of her quest to become its princess. This quest develops throughout the novel, and is aided by the use of certain magical objects and methods. All of these aspects work together to develop characters, the relationships between these characters, and to develop the narrative itself to be one that is firmly placed in the fantasy genre. Pans Labyrinth contains most elements of a fantasy narrative; however, the most prominent of those is the presence of “Good vs. Evil”. The protagonist, Ofelia befriends various characters, positioning the viewer to see these characters as “good” instantly. Conversely, whoever Ofelia is in disunion with is seen as being “evil”, the most prominent of those being Captain Vidal. The battle between “good” and “evil” takes place in two realms, those being the real world and the Underworld. The Underworld contains an allegory of the real world, as real life characters are reflected as creatures of the fantasy world. An example of this occurs in the 12th sequence of the film, when the “pale man” (a creature of the fantasy world who has eyes in the palms of each hand) is eating at large table, with a feast of food upon it, all to himself. This is a reflection of the 12th sequence of the film, which shows Captain Vidal, sitting at a large table that is covered in food. The “pale man” is the “Evil” of the Underworld, as Captain Vidal is of the real world. Ofelia is
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