Season of the Witch Film Analysis

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Nick Pinkerton from Village Voice uses descriptive and precise language to review this film. Season of the Witch takes place during the crusades in the 14th century. Pinkerton says that because of the terrible setting, it is unbelievable and only a dummy will be fooled. He even says that the 14th century theme is “about as immersive and real as the Ohio state renaissance festival” Pinkerton hits all aspects of the movie from the bad settings to the awful acting of “camaraderie” between Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman, who play the two main knights. The scenes of the movie were “hackneyed scenes” as he says. There were repetitions of old movie scenes that are very generic in sci-fi fantasy movies. The infamous moments of crossing an almost destroyed bridge and the bridge collapsing as soon as everyone is across safely and degrading insults during mid battle. Pinkerton compliments the makeup department’s glommed-on plague pustules. However, the CGI demon they used was a lame cut and paste from a PC game called Diablo ll. Reading this film review definitely does not make one jump and rush to go watch this film. According to Pinkerton, the movie did not do justice to Nicolas Cage or the director, Dominic Sera. Pinkerton calls Sera’s treatment to be very basic. The film scenes look very simple generic. After reading this review, I would be very reluctant to watch Season of the Witch. New York Post Kyle Smith also did not have any positive remarks about Season of the Witch. Smith titled his review “There is no craft in this Witch”. He says that this movie was shot entirely on leftover sets from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. Smith writes with a crude humor that criticizes the film. He also remarks that the young witch on trial, who is played by Claire Foy, looks as dangerous as the bass player in a Courtney Love Band. Unlike Pinkerton, Smith gives a bit more

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