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Vincent Senechal Mme McRae EAE4U Monday September 26 2011 The living dead or the dead alive: Gothicism in marry Shelly’s Frankenstein Marry shelly has written several novels within her time. Her novels focus mainly on theme. Gothicism is a theme that returns often. In Frankenstein Gothicism is represented through characters and their actions. The main theme of marry Shelly’s Frankenstein is Gothicism. Within marry Shelly’s novel Frankenstein we see elements of gothic and the supernatural, sometimes represented through the grotesque. The gothic supernatural is described as being real and disturbing according to Linda Bayer. In fact it can be described as simply being something we are used to and implementing it in the world around us making it more immediate, more believable. Within this theme we see the reoccurring element of gothic villains where “the exaggeration of just one aspect of the beautiful can produce the hideous,” (Bayer 80) in this case it is literal and can be applied to the monster where this is achieved with “combinations of the normal or even beautiful through an unexpected fusion of different realms. “ (Bayer 80) When victor builds the monster, he wants to make the perfect creation. Driven by his goal of fame from the fellow scientists, whatever he is able to create will be judged by all. This is why he obsesses over finding the perfect ingredients and parts day and night neglecting his own health for that of his perfect monster. He finds only the best parts Senechal 2 of the best bodies and sews them together and the gothic element is added. The gothic supernatural is viewed through the exaggeration of the beautiful. What was once a perfect being in his mind is now oversized being parts of the perfect as an unexpected fusion of different realms, an exaggeration of the beautiful as described by Linda Bayer. If we dissect the grotesque we

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