Family Preservation Essay

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Annotated Bibliography Family Preservation: Empowering Families Berry, M, Propp, J & Martens, P. (2007). The use of intensive family preservation services with adoptive families. Child and Family Social Work, 12 (1), 43-53. *Berry et al. (2007), proposes the idea of using family preservation services within adoptive families. The reasoning behind this there is a growing concern about children’s adjustment beyond the legalization of their adoption (Berry et al. 2007). Berry et al. (2007), speaks of a study that was done with adoptive families receiving family preservation services, to find if the services helped the families stay enacted six and 12 months prior to receiving services. The outcome of the study showed that when family preservation services are offered to post adoptive families, the outcome is promising, especially if services are offered for a longer period of time. The information presented by Berry et al (2007), is useful for my thesis, because it shows the benefits of family preservation services. I found it useful to look at how the services are used with adoptive families because it is important to note that these services are benifical to all types of families. Van Puyenbroeck, H. et al. (2009). Intensive family preservation services in Flanders: an outcome study. Child and Family Social Work, 14(2), 222-237. Van Puyenbroeck et al. (2009), presents a study of intensive family preservation services used with families in Flanders. The intensive family preservation services offered in Flanders was based upon the Homebuilders model, as was the services that Berry et al. (2007), spoke about. The research in this study was based upon four major questions “(1) Does IFPS interventions make a significant difference concerning the interaction between parent and child? (2) social supports as experienced by the parent? (3) stress and
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