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Angel Rosendo Professor Lund PACS 001 October 5th, 2011 Family is the Greatest Influence Upon Development of the Self The development of the self not only relies on the decisions one makes, but it also relies on the influence of the family. Family is a broad term; they are those individuals who are blood related, those who are close friends, and also those who have helped shaped one’s life one way or another regardless if positively or negatively. The structure given to every individual is usually brought upon them by their family. This structure consists of different things such as values, love, confidence, communication, culture, beliefs and many other topics that develop the self. “The structure of our families and the values, skills, and sense of community [received] from them often color the way [individuals] interact with others and work toward [the] conception of social good.” Arguments have developed on whether family is truly the greatest influence upon the development of the self. Many argue that society has a great power over the self. Family is definitely the key of influence upon development of the self. It creates a sense of mutuality rather than reciprocal favors. Society in the other hand enforces the opposite. Society enforces the use of favors rather than voluntary sacrifice. In the article “What do grown children owe their parents” both topics are clearly discussed. “[The author] maintains that parents’ voluntary sacrifices, rather than creating “debts” to be “repaid,” tend to create love or friendship.” “The relationship between children and their parents should be one of friendship characterized by mutuality rather than reciprocal favors.” For example if a family member is ill, another member of the same group should take care of the sick individual without expecting anything back. If both themes are compared to see who has a larger

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