Factors That Led to the Decline in Mayan Civilization

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1. What factors led to the decline of the Classic Mayan Civilization? Classic Mayan Society believed strongly in God’s divine will. They viewed their King as being a vessel of God and valued hid rule and all that came from him. It is believed that internal conflict caused the Mayans to question the structure in which they were ruled and as such their society was divided. The destruction of the religious centre of Teotihuacan led Mayans to believe the gods disapproved of their King. The Mayan society depended strongly on the social structure and governance of their king and the collapse of the centre resulted in decrease in production of goods because peasants no longer saw the need to respect the nobility. This facilitated a further decline since the population was growing and the demand for food increase. Therefore the Mayans had more people than food and housing. Conflict between the nobility and ordinary people is another factor of the decline of Classic Mayan Civilization. Since people no longer respected the nobility their functions in society were questioned thus creating breakdown in social order. The nobility fought amongst themselves to secure a greater part of the tributes and the peasantry began to reject the great demands for food production while resources were diminishing. 2. Why was the Post-Classic period of the Mayans unable to survive? Classic Mayan Civilization depended strongly on the rule of a King and the nobility. As this civilization declined and the once strong social structure, the mayans employed other ways to create strong governance like they once had under a ruling King. The Post-Classic period gave birth to the Chichen Itza which had a democratic system comprising of a governing ruling council. The Chichen Itza’s rule was short lived due to marked population decreases and as such they began to lose their importance. This was

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