Explain Why Relations Between the Usa and Soviet Union Changed in the Years 1943-47

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There were a number of significant factors that affected the relations between the USA and Soviet Union, and caused it to change in the years 1943 to 1947. These factors included the change in leaders which caused relationships between the superpowers to be shaken, the atomic bomb that caused distrust between the leaders, a theoretical iron curtain that divided Western and Eastern Europe, and the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan that was made to encourage Europe into recovery. The first reason as to why relations between the USA and Soviet Union changed in the years 1943-47 was because of the change in leaders. In February 1945 the leaders were, Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt. However by July 1945 at the Potsdam Conference the leaders changed to become, Attlee, Truman and Stalin. This was because halfway through the Potsdam Conference Churchill was defeated in the British general election and was replaced by Clement Attlee. In addition to this in April 1945 Roosevelt died and therefore Vice-President, Harry Truman, replaced him and Stalin remained leader. This is significant because unlike Roosevelt, Truman distrusted Stalin because he was convinced that the Soviet Union intended to take over the whole of Europe and was determined to stand up to the Soviet leader. Moreover this distrust would lead to long-term attitude problems between Truman and Stalin, and would follow up to plans such as the atomic bomb that would disrupt this relationship further. The second reason for change between the USA and Soviet Union relations was the atomic bomb. On July 16 1945, the USA successfully tested an atomic bomb at a desert site in the USA. This is an important factor because it meant that the USA had an extremely powerful weapon over the Soviet Union, and therefore would be able to use this in order to manipulate the Soviet Union, if Stalin were to ever try make any
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