Why Did Communism Collapsed in Ussr in 1991

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Why did communism collapsed in USSR in 1991: The Cold War was a period of political tension, which lasted over for forty years. It began in 1947, and ended in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Its origins come from political tension after World War 2. The two main contenders were the USSR and the United States of America, and both powers are to blame for the conflict, how long it lasted and for the events within and afterwards. The Cold War, along with attitudes and doctrines formed within it, continues to shape the world, years after its end. The Cold War ended, arguably, because of Mikhail Gorbachev’s reforms, and economic problems left over from older administrations. The Cold War had its origins in the direct aftermath of World War 2, but simply leaving it at that would be too simple. The Cold War began as a result of political tension between the United States and Soviet Russia; the Soviet ideology, as listed in the Communist Manifesto, states that the bourgeoisie, those that own the means of production and the capitalist doctrine as a whole are the enemies of the proletariat. To Marx and Engel, the capitalist system as used during the Industrial Revolution created a class system, which oppressed the proletariat. Their proclamation of the capitalist system as decadent and as an enemy to be destroyed was a cause of concern for Americans and for the West as a whole. Adding to the basic opposition of ideologies was the conflict present over issues such as the division of conquered Germany, and the American possession of an atomic bomb, both of which were issues that neither side saw eye to eye on. The tension from these ideological and political issues only deepened the mistrust already in place between the two powers, which stemmed from the initial Russian Revolution in 1917, when the United States, and her allies, had deployed troops to assist the
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