Explain the Physical and Psychological Changes Which May Be Associated with Ageing.

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Ravandeep Kaur Health and Social Care. Level 3, year 1. (Group B) Unit 4: Development through the life stages. P5: Explain the physical and psychological changes which may be associated with ageing. Scenario ­ your editor is very impressed with your work and has picked you to imagine that your chosen individual is now growing older. Will they still travel as much? Will they still like to be photographed? What kind of health and social care services will they require? Each individual ages differently, there are many changes both physical and psychological that can occur during the ageing process. Some people may experience many of these changes, others may not go through as many. Also some individuals may go through these changes at an earlier age, whereas others may not until a later stage. Some of the physical changes that can occur include changes in the skin, bones, joints and muscles, the senses, organs, hormones and different body systems. There are also many psychological changes that can occur within many individuals including personal confidence and self­esteem. When talking about changes occurring within our bodies as we grow older and age, it is usually based on the fact that our body becomes weaker and not as able and strong as it use to be. Changes within the skin can include the obvious sign of ageing where you begin to get wrinkles, but also the skin becomes more elastic and thinner. With regards to bones they too become slightly weaker than before, becoming less dense and more likely to fracture. Another aspect that makes the body less able to do and carry out all the tasks it may have been able to once before, is the weakening of the muscles which prevent tasks such as lifting

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